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Your End of Year Rituals

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Every year at this time, I do the following -

1. Purge the medicine cabinet of the yucky and expired;
2. Shred excess/useless financial data;
3. Desperately try to coordinate calendars with the King; and
4. Attempt, once again, a budget.

What do you do?

Over the next few days I'll do a lot of shredding.

Purging of medicine cabinet is a good idea, OP.  I need to do that and replace aspirin, cold medications, etc.

Relax. I am trying not to get into a New Year "must lose 10 pounds/clean all closets/bring about world peace" frenzy.

I spend the last week of the year cleaning out and re-organizing all the drawers, cupboards, and closets in the house. I like starting the new year fresh and clean.

New Year's Eve brings about reminiscing about the day we bought our house, as this year marks 3 years since we moved here and I always like to celebrate at home to enjoy our own house.  :)

Sometimes we have people over, sometimes we don't.  But we watch Dick Clark's Times Square countdown show. Not the whole thing, we usually tune in just before the countdown and let the kids stay up as long as they can manage. To date none of them have made it.  :) We usually watch a movie until we get to about a minute or two close to midnight. 


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