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Author Topic: Cat moved into my to tame/catch.  (Read 5580 times)

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Re: Cat moved into my to tame/catch.
« Reply #30 on: February 18, 2015, 05:38:03 PM »

I don't know what Wolfie sent you, but we've had great luck with the "no eye contact/slow blink" method of approaching a cat. Staring directly at a feral cat, particularly from a standing position, is extremely intimidating and stressful for them. They read it as a challenge. Hunkering down, catching their gaze and then turning your eyes downward and doing a slow blink signals you are not a threat to them. You can get closer much faster. (Couple days vs. weeks or even months.)

Ah, maybe that's what I'm doing wrong with Charlotte, my foster stray.  I've been trying the slow blink without success. However, I think I've been looking at her.

Would you like me to send you the document? Sounds like you already have the set up for it. I just need an email address.


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Re: Cat moved into my to tame/catch.
« Reply #31 on: February 22, 2015, 10:34:47 AM »

Ham...uh, well, one of my cats does an excellent impression of the shark from Jaws when I have ham.   
When Benedict was a kitten, he managed to get onto the kitchen cabinet and carry away a ham- I put the rest of the sandwich makings away, without noticing. Until I came home, and a furry bowling ball on legs greeted me. I figure that with our relative weights, it would have been the equivalent of me eating 2-3 hams. He looked like he was about to explode, but he was still up and around and his usual lively kitten self. Then he settled down for a long nap. I was sure it was going to put him off ham for life, but it didn't- either that, or he never associated the taste of ham with the sensation of having his fur coat stretched to the max. I kept an eye on him, but he just laid there on the sofa, his belly wider  than his head at the ears...and saying 'Je regret rien.'