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background--my eldest dd is majoring in computer--she's a sophmore and has taken many computer classes.

mil recd a new model of something like an ipad /computer from her children who live in other country a few months is not terribly computer ept and whenever my sil visits from other country she has to fix things on mil ipad/computer.this takes not very long since sil has exact same model.this model is not sold in our country so no one here is familiar with it.

issue--mil keeps asking my dd if she knows someone who could help her with her ipad/computer and when dd suggested that she personally could probably do it if she played around for a little while--mil told her she didn't want anyone playing around with the ipad/computer.

everytime that dd speaks to mil,mil asks her if she has any friends who are good with computers who could help out mil.dd is starting to feel insulted since she herself is a computer science major and would be perfectly capable of dealing with this.

dd is thinking of saying something to mil the next time she asks for dd to find a friend to help her.should she say soemthing like---i really am perfectly capable of dealing with this......or just ignore?

"No, Grandma.  I don't know anyone."

Obviously Grandma doesn't want your daughter to do it.  So just have your daughter say the above and then beandip.

I think the problem was that DD said she needed to 'play' with it.  She should have said 'work' with it for a bit.

She now should just say 'not yet' about knowing anybody, or be honest a say she can 'work' with it awhile, but needs Grandma to be a bit patient with the process.

Is there anything online that someone can reference to help Grandma? Even if it is for the now advisor/teacher/helper? Something that can be printed out that the owner can understand?

mil is not good with computers and altho there is a user manual she has not used it.sil sat with her a few times to teach her what to do.

imho,her kids made a mistake in getting this ipad/computer for her.she could have easily used a desktop that would be easier for her to deal with.she definately has never taken her ipad/computer out of the houseand also has trouble printing off it as well as faxing.......but that is not the issue...they also got her a kindle fire rather than getting her the simplest kindle which she probably could have handled......but i digress........

luci45--i think you may be right--the word "play" was probably the wrong thing to say altho that's what all of dd's cohorts say when they are learning a new device or program.and patience is not her strong suit.......

Honestly, I think she's better off not becoming your MIL's computer go-to person - otherwise your MIL will discover that it's easier to call your DD about every little thing than it is to fix it herself (or go without) and your DD will really start to feel used.


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