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Slartibartfast--you are right....i will pass along this wise advice

Probably MIL needs to stop messing with things.  I don't know what in the world Grampa was doing, but the computer guy of the family was forever having to go over and fix it.  Finally ComputerGuy started telling Grampa you need to stop doing that, I can't be over here all the time trying to undo the damage.  I wonder if MIL is fishing for people to do free work because she keeps breaking it, and DD isn't convenient as far as location goes.  I can understand DD feeling slighted, but DD doesn't want to dish up all her friends to be at the mercy of someone who can't maneuver around the iPad.  I agree with Slartibartfast. 

dd's uni is actually quite cloae to mil......but after reading pp here--dd also agrees that she doesn't want to be her granmother's computer tech

on a positive note--dh has hired dd to write develop a website to do an online survey for a project in his consulting business---and dd is very excited to get practical experience which will look great on her cv

I heard about a Goodwill site that offers FREE computer lessons (a person who just upgraded from an earlier version of Windows to start learning XP this year gave me the information).

POD to Slartibartfast -no matter how close your DD is to grandma, becoming the go to person for the family's computer issues can be a huge pain in the behind.  She may be better off keeping her distance.


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