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Author Topic: Unwanted guest invited to gathering  (Read 62896 times)

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Re: Unwanted guest invited to gathering
« Reply #150 on: February 09, 2013, 11:01:59 AM »
Thank you both PastryGoddess and Roe  :)

I think I had a brief moment of hysteria yesterday where I thought I actually would respond and tell her how I felt.  But I'm back to my calm and rational thinking of, "ignore, ignore, ignore".  Makes me feel better about the whole situation, she has no response to twist, turn and use against me, and I am given the feeling of the upper hand.  Never a bad thing!  :)

I believe the bully could use a class or two in etiquette.  I'll be sure to send her here!

Thanks again!

ETA:  Right around the time I was posting my reply here on e-hell, the bully sent me a text message asking if my children and I would like to join her and her son sledding.  I waited about three hours to reply and declined (though I'm sure they had already gone and come back)  She responded saying, "Maybe tomorrow or some other time".  It's as if all of a sudden she really wants to spend time with me.  She's too much.  Like I said, I am given the feeling of having the upper hand.  It really is nice for a change.  Thank you, e-hell, for helping to make me stronger and stiffening my spine!
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