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"You can give So and SO your old one!"

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This happened with a teacher, but it could be anyone, and I think the etiquette of it is interesting.

I just bought a kindle fire HD. My professor, who has a habit of hiring past students to help her as needed, wanted to see it and decide whether to buy an I pad mini or the fire HD. So Saturday when I was being her "Saturday Chauffeur" so she could play with it.
 She gave it a good going over and played with it for about a half hour - and then announced that the student who usually works with her on Saturdays wanted a kindle fire and since I had the new one, I could "Just give Amanda* your old one" - I must admit to choking on my drink, at that as I told her that was not going to happen - she was pretty put out.
  This is not the first person I've seen try to commandeer stuff from one person to another, because someone had more than Someone thinks they "need". Is it just me or does this come out as rude - and what is the polite way to handle this - because I doubt choking on your drink/words is the right way to go.

Volunteering someone else for help is rude. 

Time to deploy, "I'm sorry, but that won't be possible." 

Double points off for the professor who is in a position of authority and shouldn't be suggesting these things.

Perhaps "you've already promised it to a relative"?  Because you are related to yourself, right?

My mother has a spare ereader (same type, so duplicates of the chargers, etc. - as long as she doesn't coil the wires up so tightly that they break).  And has no intention of passing along the "spare" to anyone because it was a "present"!  Besides, if the battery needs charging on one, she can pick up the other one and keep reading....

I got that at work with when I got my new Iphone. Apparently I was going to "sell" it to a coworker. No one asked me. 3 problems with this idea.

1. It was a 3s not a 4S like they assumed. (Yes I'm a geek but I tend to hold on to phones through the whole contract and then some).
2. It was promised to Brett (to use as a Itouch)
3. It was stolen from the school cafeteria the day before the 5 came out.

"I could, but I'm not."


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