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"You can give So and SO your old one!"

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"why would I want to do that?"

This person just gifted away something that wasn't even hers?  All I can think is I hope she was joking, even if it was a bad joke, and I hope Amanda understands that this offer is horse puckey.  I would probably just say I already gave the kindle away to my brother/sister/aunt/nephew/gramma, sorry, but if your rel-a-tion-ship is such, you could tell her she can't be gifting away other people's things, especially in her position as boss, where people fear they might suffer ramifications for not complying, which sounds like is happening right now, but I might be drawing conclusions.

Amanda was not there. And I am not in fear of anything - I just wanted a better way to handle it. This Prof has a good heart but is very single minded - if she thinks it should be so - it should be so, gosh darn it!  but she does not fire folks or deduct grades for non compliance.
  My reason for asking is more for me, if that makes sense

Laughter works as a default response to outrageous requests.  It is a response and they are allowed the face-saving attitude of "Y-e-a-h..., that was a joke."

I think sputtering through your drink and words was a good response as long as you didn't really choke or spill on your clothing.
I'm glad you didn't fold and give away something you really didn't intend to gift to someone.  I would have suggested that perhaps the Professor would like to buy one for Amanda as a Christmas gift and token of appreciation.


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