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Pointed Stares

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Mental Magpie:
I have been ignoring pointed stares for a while now.  My personal space has been invaded a number of times and I'm being trampled all over.  All of this passive aggressiveness is getting to me and the room is thick with tension.  Why can't they just ask me for what they really want instead of all of this innuendo?  It's like if I make just one wrong move I'll be pounced on and it's irritating!  I offer one thing and all I get is turned up noses; I offer another thing and I'm completely ignored!  It's like nothing I actually do is right!

If I would just let the dogs out, maybe they would leave me alone  >:D

*They're not allowed outside right now because there is a party next door and they won't stop barking at everyone.

Sounds like my cat. When he decides it's bed time he'll go up to our room where he'll call and call for me. If I don't come up he'll come down and stare at me. If I still don't go up he'll curl up in my lap and go to sleep without me. lol

My friend has texted me before "Sigh, I have to go. Dog is making me go to bed." LOL. He sits at the top of the stairs and whines and whines until she goes up. It drives her crazy, so she goes. (He's very well behaved otherwise but she indulges him in this)

gramma dishes:
That's really cute, Mental Magpie!   Very clever.   ;)

Abby and Andi are mad at me right now because I "should have been in bed 3 hours ago". I'm on vacation. They have been waking me up at 3:30 each morning. I let them out, bring them in and go back to bed for a few more hours.

My kitty will groom me in the mornings when she wants me to wake up. Nothing like waking up to the feeling of a rough kitty tongue on your hands or face!  She does this in addition to walking up and down the length of the bed next to me, bumping her head against me and talking. 


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