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Pointed Stares

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My dog spends most of her days sleeping (preferrably on the couch).
She will wake me at 5:30 AM if she is bored by standing far enough away from me so I can't shove her away and whining loudly.

My parents' dog will just stare at you when she wants you to wake. If that doesn't work, she will start wagging her tail, then her tail wags her entire body, and if all else fails she will place her leg on your shoulder.

For some years, the upstairs neighbors had a dog that was a very effective alarm clock.  Their bedroom was directly over ours so we heard this almost every morning.   

About 6 AM the dog, who was a sweet little thing, would bring in a ball and drop it with a resounding 'thump'.  That never bothered us because that was our standard wake-up time.  However, it was amusing. 

Yep.  When I have a day when I go into work later, or a day off, I tell people - "I can reset my alarm clock all I want - but I can't reset my dog!"
Or, for that matter, the kitty chorus - although I can ameliorate that by making sure their food bowls are topped up before I go to bed the night before.

Mental Magpie:
It's getting worse in my house.  My dogs know I get up at 0430, and in anticipation of that, will start stirring at about 0345.  That wakes me up early and then I'm cranking.  I talk down to them when I let them out and try to get another 45 minutes of sleep before I have to actually get my body in motion.

The pointed stares were coming from both my dogs and the Stork's dogs; I had four of them just staring at me and pathetically wagging their tails in a bid to get me to let them out when they knew they weren't allowed outside.

Reading some of these reminded me of another cat we used to have. Puddy never begged for food BUT when I was eating something he was interested in he'd get up on the back of the couch, just to the side of my head, and place one paw gently on my shoulder. He never made a sound or moved his paw, it would just rest there patiently as if to say "Hello. I'd like a taste of that when you're finished, thanks." Cracked me up!  ;D

A kitty we have now, Cosmo (brother to DD's cat, Wanda  ;)) has a less subtle technique. As soon as we start cooking he hops right up into a kitchen chair and waits at the table. As soon as we all sit he'll sit off to the side and the instant anyone gets up (for a drink, napkin, utensil, etc) he steals their seat. I have so many pictures of him waiting at the table because I just think it's hilarious every time. And no, we never fix him a plate, guess he figures there might be a first time eventually if he persists? lol


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