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Pointed Stares

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Max licked my lips this morning. I figured at that point it would be prudent to kick out all the silently staring dogs; apparently they'd double dared her to do something that would result in my action. It worked...though I had to have a good scrub while they were in the yard.

In the morning, when my alarm first goes off (I'm a 'snooze twice' kind of girl) if the dog feels like we went to bed too early the night before, he jumps on my pillow and nudges me in the head. If this fails to get me up, he then jumps on my back (I'm a stomach sleeper) and won't move until I just start sitting up with him still there. He gets bonus points if he stays there until I've gotten to my knees, backed off the end of the bed, and am standing there, bent over double, so that he can jump off onto the bed.

When he was single, Mr. Thipu would take in the malamute of a neighbor when said neighbor was away for one reason or another. 

The dog was a sweetheart but there was one problem. Mr. Thipu liked to sleep a little later than the owner of the dog.

  It wasn't unusual for the large creature to plop his head on the bed and wait patiently.  As soon as the slightest sign of awakening was detected, the malamute would emit a loud bark.  It was his way of saying, 'Enough, already!  Get up NOW!'.

     Sounds like a German Shepard that my parents had many years ago! I had a summer job when I was 21, and every other week, I came home past midnight. Mom always had a snack on the kitchen table for me. The dog would come downstairs and wait (impatiently) for me to finish eating so that we could go to bed. He really hated it on Friday nights when I got home even later as I stopped for a pizza on the way home! A few times he got disgusted enough to grab me by the hand and drag me upstairs!

Heeheehee!! I love that! Isn't it funny how animals get used to to the household routines?

My best friend has a gray tomcat with a very LOUD meow.  And she has a screen door at the bottom of her stairs to keep him from going up and bothering her tuxedo cat during the night, as the tuxedo cat likes to sleep with her.  Well the gray cat in the mornings will sit at the base of the stairs and meow until she comes downstairs.  Which means he did it when I was there to visit. I was sleeping on the hideabed in her parlor.

Well at 7am every morning I'd hear "MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!!!" until friend came down the stairs saying "Alright Harry, I hear you!"  Luckily friend and I are both morning people, and being from the east coast, their 7 was my 8 so I was usually starting to wake up at that time anyway.

And every night when we'd unfold the hide-a-bed, the tuxedo cat, Jack, would run under the couch and we'd have to fish him out so she could take him up to bed with her.


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