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   I am watching my brother's dog for a week while he is out of town. The dog is very sweet, but she got into one of my son's Christmas presents and chewed it up. I'm not too upset since it's a piece of a fairly cheap puzzle, and it's partly my fault for leaving it where she could get it. The piece is splintered and I can't give it back to my 19 month old son.
   Would it be reasonable and polite to ask my brother to pay for a replacement puzzle? Or, is this just part of the risk I took when I agreed to sit the dog? What if she destroyed something with more value, like a pair of leather shoes, or an electronic device? How would you approach this situation?

I'd say you were in charge of the dog therefore your risk

Did your brother tell you that his dog was a chewer?

If he did, then I think you were responsible. If he didn't, then you can certainly ask him to replace the puzzle.

I think since you were in charge of the dog and left the item where the dog could get to it, then you can't hold your brother responsible.  It would be like your brother baby sitting your son and him leaving a marker accessible and wanting you to pay to reprint his walls after your son did some creative interior design.

You were in charge of the dog, so it is your responsibility. It doesn't matter if Brother knew that the dog is a chewer or not. And I don't think the cost of the item has anything to do with it. Our dog was not a habitual chewer, but did ruin 3 things in her 8 years with us.

I think you were lucky the dog didn't ingest the splinters and end up in doggie ER.


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