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I agree with others who said you were in charge of the dog, therefore it's your responsibility.

Yes, what others said... Sorry but I really do think it was your responsibility, and my first worry in such a case would be "is the dog okay" - like Luci said, too; I cringed when I read "splintered" and I really hope the dog didn't swallow any or hurt his mouth.
What is it? Wood? Plastic? How long ago did this happen? I don't mean to scare you but sharp pieces inside of a dog can be bad news.
Though on the other hand, I can't list the things my Helena has chewed up back when she was a chewer, and she never had any severe consequences. So here's wishing you and doggie good luck! Fingers crossed.

   Thanks everyone for the quick replies. "Splintered" may have been overstating the case. The puzzle is made out of pressboard, cardboard and paper. I caught her pretty quickly and took the item from her. I don't think there's any question of her having ingested anything. I was more trying to get across that the edges and surface were roughed up and the toy was not usable any longer.

   You have confirmed my instinct that this is my own problem and I shouldn't mention it to my brother. Although I would like to say that if my child did something destructive while in someone's care, I would expect to bear at least a portion of the cost of repair or replacement.

I'm torn on this one. The dog was your responsibility, but if she was a problem chewer like SiotehCat mentioned then part of the fault is also on your brother. The first time I baby sat my brother's dog I was not warned she was an escape artist. (She was banned from her kennel because the kennel wasn't expecting a 60 pound dog to scale a six foot fence like she was a squirrel) While I was driving with her in my car she jumped out the back window when I was stopping. (The window itself was halfway up) Nothing happened to her, but if something did I would have been pissed for getting blamed for the dog's problems because I hadn't been warned of her habits previously.

Even if everyone here told you it was the dog owner's responsibility, would you really want to pursue it?  I mean, how much does a cardboard puzzle cost?  Would it be worth the bad feelings it might cause to pursue it with your brother?


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