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No Snowflake Soup for you!

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Personally, I think the soup turned out perfectly.  My husband prefers the matzo balls to be more dumpling density, but mine are the more traditional fluffy kind.  The difference, seriously, is in the use of chicken fat instead of vegetable oil.  Thanks for asking!

gramma dishes:
Good!  Sounds like your soup was a hit!

Added bonus that Andrea came around too and realized her expectations were not really all that reasonable.  Kudos to her for apologizing.  For some people that's really hard to do.

White Lotus:
Speaking as a vegetarian and a fairly good cook, I don't see how matzoh ball soup could be made vegetarian, because the chicken stock and its flavor is so much a part of the dish.  Can't fake it; nothing else tastes the same.  Sorry.  Such is life.  Andrea was unreasonable, and then very unreasonable and rude, too.  Nobody should insist that I make my black bean soup with a ham hock, either, because they are apparently terrified, for some reason I cannot fathom, of a meal without meat.  Yes, this has happened.  And that is an instance where there is, I am reliably informed, no difference at all in taste.  Chicken soup?  Come on!  There is no substitute. 
If you want gluten free, look up recipes on line or at the library.  It isn't as simple as one for one substitution -- been there, done that, doesn't work.  But there are cookbooks, and some of the baked goods are first choice, my new recipe, superb.


--- Quote from: Venus193 on December 30, 2012, 08:43:42 PM ---I agree.

My garlic soup is made with chicken broth.  I experimented with the recipe a number of times before submitting it to my SCA group for approval for a feast.  Someone asked if it could be made vegetarian and I replied in the negative.  It didn't work from either a texture or flavor perspective.

I am not Jewish but I am a New Yorker with some familiarity with this foodstuff.  I can't see how it could work without chicken.

--- End quote ---
Garlic soup sounds awesome - do you share that recipe?


--- Quote from: RooRoo on January 01, 2013, 07:55:22 PM ---Becoming vegetarian is a choice, usually based on not wanting to contribute to the death of animals, or on the belief that meat is unhealthy. (There may be a few exceptions; if so, please forgive and enlighten my ignorance!)

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Since you ask: There are also vegetarians who are vegetarian for environmental reasons.


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