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No Snowflake Soup for you!

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--- Quote from: Venus193 on January 03, 2013, 09:15:21 PM ---

It's reply #5 on this page:

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THank you!
(...I had also forgotten where I was reading when I saw and requested this...)

Also will have to dig into the other soup recipes...mmm


--- Quote from: Tea Drinker on January 03, 2013, 11:12:59 AM ---Thinking about this, I suspect I could make a soup with matzoh balls that was vegetarian (I generally use vegetable oil in the matzoh balls, not chicken fat), but I wouldn't feel right about presenting it as matzoh ball soup, because the broth is so much a part of the whole experience.

Tangenting a bit, folks, do you think I could make a reasonable matzoh ball soup with just chicken broth, matzoh balls, and maybe a little bit of celery? (There's no chicken in the house, only chicken broth.)

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That's how my Jewish boyfriend makes it, just matzoh balls and chicken broth, no celery even. And it's delicious.

I've made vegetarian matzoh ball soup-  I don't do it these days, because my husband can't have any grains, but I used to add matzoh balls to all kinds of soup- I like lots of 'stuff' in my soup.

I've always made my matzoh balls with oil, so I just add them to the soup when it's cooked a bit- they go well with everything!

Just need to point out that MY mom's traditional matzoh ball soup isn't vegetarian, but doesn't involve chicken, either. It's made with flanken (i.e., kosher short ribs), and has a richer flavor than chicken varieties. Now that flanken is so expensive, she often makes it with chicken instead, and it's fine, but flanken is still my favorite.

Wow. I was a vegetarian for three and a half years (as a teenager) and never once demanded that my family alter a recipe or a meal just for me. In fact, a lot of my cooking training came from learning to make my own vegetarian versions of my favorite meals. However, some meals simply can't be duplicated in a vegetarian or vegan fashion and still turn out well. I'm glad your soup turned out well. I've never had matzoh ball soup but it sounds good! Perhaps I should try it sometime. :)


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