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No Snowflake Soup for you!

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Too bad, so sad. Shrug.

As someone who was vegetarian for a few years, but greatly appreciates really good matzah ball soup (and is no longer vegetarian) - I do want to say that, even allowing for the amazing things done with "molecular" cuisine, I cannot imagine how one would make a vegetarian matzah ball soup which approaches the version made with chicken.  I appreciate that your friend may long for, even yearn for such an item, but she approached it in a very impolite manner. You were generous to offer her the means to try for a vegetarian matzah ball soup, and you were wise not to try to change yours.

Now, if your soup turns out as well as I hope it does, pretty please share the recipe?

I agree.

My garlic soup is made with chicken broth.  I experimented with the recipe a number of times before submitting it to my SCA group for approval for a feast.  Someone asked if it could be made vegetarian and I replied in the negative.  It didn't work from either a texture or flavor perspective.

I am not Jewish but I am a New Yorker with some familiarity with this foodstuff.  I can't see how it could work without chicken.

There are just some recipes where animal fat (or animal muscle - aka meat) is the only ingredient that gets the "kitchen chemistry" to work properly.  Vegan or vegetarian version with other sources of fat and protein are not going to have nearly as good a taste or mouth feel.

Baking, such as cookies, is one thing (salad oil, vegetable shortening, butter, or lard can be interchanged if you adjust how much is used) - other recipes, not so much.

And any form of "chicken soup" isn't going to work out right without chicken. 

Sorry about that...slurp...slurp...slurp!  Balls of dough, noodles, rice, or what have you - chicken soup NEEDS chicken.

Cooking Light magazine had an outstanding recipe for chicken matzo ball soup in there a few months back. It came out SO GOOD!
And I didn't even use homemade stock - I cheated and used store-bought.


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