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I would say don't bring anything except that punishes those who did not steal them nor whine. Why hurt all the good people. Could the punch and cupcakes be locked up in the manager's office, with the punch in a cooler with some ice?

OP here, thank you all for responding.  I was concerned about the note or saying something to the effect about people taking cupcakes was PA, as people at this store tend to get their feelings hurt over the slightest thing (real or imagined).  As for keeping them in the office I guess I will have to to that, the office but there doubles as a oven and I didn't want to serve melted buttercreme but I guess I have to.

On a side note we have opened some investigations after this because if you are stealing free food what else are you doing.   ;)

I understand that you are on the loss prevention side, OP.  Is the store manager aware of the whiny entitlement attitudes of the supervisors working in the store?  You can't improve the rest of the folks when you have supervisors like that. 

These supervisors need to be treated the same as toddlers.  Do not have given in to them, blizzard or no, as all you taught them was how whiny and how many times they needed to ask before you broke down.  As for opening the new box for "prettier toys"?  NO words here.

Definitely look into theft in the store.  If someone would steal party food they are not above stealing merchandise!

Queen of Clubs:

--- Quote from: grummblebunny on December 31, 2012, 05:15:04 AM ---On a side note we have opened some investigations after this because if you are stealing free food what else are you doing.   ;)

--- End quote ---

That made me laugh.  I bet those supervisors will be whining to all and sundry that they can't understand why they're being investigated (assuming they know or find out).

I agree your best option is to put all the food/freebies in the locked office.  At least that'll stop the employees with sticky fingers from getting at them beforehand.

Next time, I'd set up a concealed camera to monitor the refrigerator.  If someone is caught stealing from the breakroom fridge, make arrangements to show the recording of the theft during the Loss Prevention training.

Bonus points if the employee who actually stole the food is called into the managers' office just as the video is being played.  >:D


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