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Photo taking and sharing guidelines

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Over some time I have seen various threads involving etiquette questions for both the taking, and sharing of photos - which I think is an area where general considerations of others have been swiftly made cloudy due to advances in digital photography as well as social networking.

While, in a perfect world, there would not exist a bad photo of anyone - they do happen, and I try to be sensitive to others when shooting informal shots and delete the unflattering or "derp" images (other than for one brother who just likes to "derp") - I know others have varying views as to acceptability of sharing/printing/posting candid shots, and likewise have varying views on how/when to decline to be in a planned group shot.

Also, there is the fact that the ease of sharing digital photos and the lack of direct cost to do so can make it tricky to decline to share known digital photos.

Starting this thread as a place to gain a collective view on the etiquette of taking and sharing (or not in either case) digital photos.

I hope to see some perspectives that help broaden, or clarify my own.

1.  No photographer is under any obligation to share photos with others except by prior agreement.
2.  No subject's photos should be shared with any third party or on any public forum without permission.
3.  All photographers who do share their work online must assume the risk of their being copied by third parties if they do not copyright-protect them or share them with a short list of parties.

4. Don't argue with someone who refuses to have their photo taken, or badger them to explain why.

Thanks for that one.  If a person refuses permission to be photographed, take him at his word and respect that.

Be alert to signs that someone is trying to dodge your camera lens. If they move away repeatedly, they don't  want their picture taken.


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