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s/o where does the responsibility lie - gifts I cannot consume

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I currently have a bottle of white wine in the fridge. I can't abide the stuff, and DH doesn't drink it. But, it is useful if a white wine drinking friend drops in.  Can you look at it as stock for your wine cellar?

Citadelle posted while I was typing. Exactly.

I have guests very very rarely, and those I do have either don't drink red wine or they drive (or both).  I don't have storage space for things that won't be used and it makes me feel bad when people waste their money.

I can't drink red wine for the same reasons. I  can cook with it with no problems though.

I don't drink -  can't stand the stuff, but I am frequently given wine.  I pass it on to a family member who drinks so they can enjoy it. One year I was given 6 bottles of wine, between work and volunteer work. We joked that the relative got a "sampler" that year.  It does not need to be a waste of money unless you want it to be - someone you care about can enjoy it.

Please don't view it as a waste of money. Someone is attempting to gift you, and that is the point of the money spent. Even if you poured the wine down the drain, it was still an attempt at a nice gesture by the giver and to outright refuse would be more insulting than discreetly disposing of it.


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