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People who talk to themselves... sometimes.

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I have colleagues who talk to themselves. I zone them out, and if it turns out they're talking to me, I explain "Oh, I'm sorry, I tend to get so caught up in my wirtig that I don't realize people are talking to me unless they actually say my name." I've never had anybody take offense at that nor have I ever had to explain it twice :)

Guilty as charged, here.  My family would hear me from downstairs, in the family-office room, yelling "but I just told you that!" and say "just Mom yelling at the computer, again".

That said, I always made it clear when I was actually summoning someone for help rather than loudly venting.  So your Dh needs to find some kind of signal for this, I agree.

I talk to myself all the time, but never when anyone else can hear me.  My neighbors already think I'm a bit of a whackjob.   :)

I agree with PPs, this is his quirk therefore he needs to adapt his behavior to get a better outcome. You are not a mind reader!

If he refuses to acknowledge how confusing his behavior is and that you really do have no idea when he is talking to you and when he isn't, then he's a definite Speshul Snowflake.  But if you treat it lightly and with humor he will hopefully understand that it's not a criticism - you're not telling him never to talk to himself, just that he needs to get your attention before talking to you so you can tell the difference!

According to recent research it is good for you to talk to yourself, as it concentrates your mind and helps you focus on what you have to do.

And a tleast someone is listening to you.


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