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People who talk to themselves... sometimes.

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I talk to myself constantly.  I tell people to tell me to stop it if it annoys them.  Usually, they tell me it's no problem, but that I need to let them know if I expect a response from them.

It sounds like you DH needs a bit of self-awareness.  Could you broach the subject when it's not in the middle of the tension?  Maybe something like, "Hon, last night you got mad at me for not answering you.  I didn't know you talking to me, because you tend to talk to yourself.  So, from now on, when you want me to listen, just say my name first, okay?"

I talk to stuff - mostly the tv. I joke about it to DH because he'll often holler from the other room "Huh? Did you say something to me?" and I'll yell back "No. I was yelling at the tv. I don't know why it never listens!" or "No, the tv. Mind your business!"  ;D

We always start a comment to each other with "Hey, love..." to indicate we're not actually talking to some inanimate object for a change. DD has a problem with frequently having to restate things because she's the only one who never prefaces a statement/question to someone with "Mom..." (or whomever) so most of the time the person she's speaking to doesn't realize until she's halfway through a sentence or says "Hello? Did you hear me?"

As PPs have said, ask your DH to make a point of letting you know when he is speaking to you and let him know you'll ignore him, so as not to interrupt, if he doesn't.

Almost the same problem here too!

My DF plays several games online with friends, and is involved in a gaming league. He will often say something to a gaming friend (over his headset) that sounds like it’s directed at me. Our desks are back-to-back, so I’ll pull my attention away from what I’m doing and turn around with a “What was that?” only to be told “Oh sorry, I was talking to So-and-so online…”

In our situation, this has happened sooo many times that I have lost all patience for it. Now when he’s at his desk, I completely ignore anything he says unless it starts with “Hey, Smarter…”

When I instituted the ignore policy, we had a few days of “Hey Smarter, I was talking to you…” I had to explain that when he’s talking to someone online, especially through his headset so I cannot hear both sides of the convo, I have NO way of knowing who he is talking to, so I have to assume it is not me. Otherwise I’ll go nuts with the interruptions.

He gets it now  ;)

My DH constantly whistles, gurgles, clicks, whirrs and either talks or whispers to himself.  We often can't tell when he is talking to one of us instead of himself.  BUT-he will tell the kids to "stop tapping".  ARRRRR!  It drives me nuts.

My DH is the same, except he mumbles rather than talks, so I'm always saying, 'pardon? what was that?' etc. No solutions yet, sorry.


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