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Little House books S/O thread

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Bumping an old thread,

but has anyone else read the new Pioneer Girl annotated biography? 

I've just started it, but it's really interesting so far!

I've been reading it and am nearly done.  I've really enjoyed it!  I love the fact that the reality wasn't as squeaky clean as the Little House books depicted.

At one point, she mentions a couple and that the baby would be arriving "too soon" after the wedding. 

I'm also reading it and loving it so far. The historian in me loves all the footnotes! I'm about halfway through it.

rose red:
I have it on hold from the library, but don't know how many holds are ahead of me.

I can read an average book in about one to three days if the book is really good/interesting. How long would you say it takes to read this book? Checkout is three weeks and I doubt I can renew it since I'm sure there's a waiting list.

I hope to get Pioneer Girl as well.  I've read the Little House series growing up and still enjoy it as an adult.  I also do watch the tv series too sometimes.


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