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Author Topic: Cocktails (Grown up)  (Read 12298 times)

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Cocktails (Grown up)
« on: December 06, 2006, 11:19:27 AM »
Viking's Kiss
Posted by Venus193

3 parts dry champagne
1 part Cherry Kjafa

Pour together into champagne flute (or drinking horn) and enjoy!

Named after I picked up a copy of a romance novel with a cover showing Fabio as a viking.


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Chocolate Org*sm
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2006, 06:43:50 AM »
Blend together:

1 oz Kahlua
1 oz Baileys Irish Cream
1 oz Amaretto
1/2 oz Frangelica
2 scoops good quality Vanilla ice cream
2 oz Half and Half

Directions: Mix all ingredients in blender. Cover the inner sides of glass with chocolate syrup. Top with whipped cream. Serve in a Hurricane glass.
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Re: Cocktails (Grown up)
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2006, 06:04:46 PM »

1 Can Pink Lemonade Concentrate
2 Liters 7-Up or Sprite
Sugar (optional)

Place Pink Lemonade Concentrate in a large punch bowl. Fill the empty can with vodka and mix up the concentrate. Add 7-Up/Sprite to taste.

Serve chilled in a margarita glass with or without sugar.

Also excellent with vanilla ice cream. But be careful, this little lady definitely packs a punch!


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Re: Cocktails (Grown up)
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2006, 12:23:34 PM »
Bloody Mermaid

1 part vodka
3 parts Clamato
dash of lemon adobo
freshly ground black pepper
1/4 lime

Shake or stir ingredients, add celery stalk as a swizzle stick.


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Re: Cocktails (Grown up)
« Reply #4 on: January 24, 2007, 02:39:49 PM »

1 quart strong black Tea
1 quart Rye whiskey
1 fifth Red wine
1 pint Jamaican Rum
1/2 pint Brandy
1 1/2 oz Benedictine
1 pint Orange juice
1/2 pint Lemon juice

Mix together in a large punch bowl with a block of ice or a jell-o mold ring.   Sugar syrup (simple syrup) can be added. Garnish with orange slices, lemon peel, etc


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Re: Cocktails (Grown up)
« Reply #5 on: January 24, 2007, 03:18:40 PM »
Girl Scout Cookie

Cup of hot chocolate
spiked with a splash of
Creme de Menthe or
Peppermint Schnappes

Garnish with a candy cane.
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Re: Cocktails (Grown up)
« Reply #6 on: February 13, 2007, 02:24:46 PM »
Hot Buttered Rum

*Caution - this recipe makes enough to get a thirsty family through a long winter. Can be fun to make and give small containers to your neighbors and friends to enjoy with you.*

1 pound butter, softened
1 pound brown sugar
1 pound powdered sugar
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 gallon French Vanilla ice cream
rum, to taste

Mix all ingredients together except rum with a hand mixer. Mix two tablespoons of batter with rum and boiling water in mug.

NOTE: Batter can be stored for about 4 months in an airtight container in the freezer.

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Re: Cocktails (Grown up)
« Reply #7 on: March 27, 2007, 12:43:57 PM »
Party Punch

4 cups of mixed fruit i like strawberry's, honeydew, pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes raspberries and blueberries i also sometimes use apples

1 bottle f grain alcohol (151 proof or higher)

1 can of pineapple juice 32 oz
1 bottle of Hawaiian punch 32 oz

soak fruit in alcohol for several hours or overnight and then add the other ingredients


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Re: Cocktails (Grown up)
« Reply #8 on: May 23, 2007, 01:05:12 PM »
Sangria Delight

1 Liter Red Wine
1 Liter White Wine
Triple Sec
1 Orange
1 Lemon
2 Liters Fresca (bottled by Coca Cola)
Fruit (Oranges, cherries, etc.)

Cut the fruit into slices or sections. 
Place in a bowl filled with brandy and put in the freezer the night before.
Pour both bottles of wine and the soda into a punch bowl.
Add brandy and triple sec as desired (recommended: at least 1/2 cup)
Squeeze in the juice from orange and lemon.
Stir well.
Serve chilled over the frozen fruit.

Note: Everything can be prepared the night before.  However, if everything is prepared in advance, do not add the soda until the last minute otherwise it will lose its fizz.
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Re: Cocktails (Grown up)
« Reply #9 on: May 25, 2007, 11:39:46 PM »
Kitty Finer (named after a friend of mine, who invented it)

1 Creamsicle (minus stick, of course)
Captain Morgan's Rum

Combine in a blender.


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Re: Cocktails (Grown up)
« Reply #10 on: August 09, 2007, 02:03:20 AM »
Milord Oak's Bloody Mary (HOT!)

1 part vodka
2 parts Spicy V-8
5-6 dashes Tabasco

Mix well, pour into chilled glass, and garnish with a fresh, peppered celery stick.


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Re: Cocktails (Grown up)
« Reply #11 on: December 24, 2007, 12:47:30 PM »
Invented by yours truly.

Dr. Pirate

1 part Captain Morgan Tattoo dark rum
2 parts Dr. Pepper

Serve over ice.

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Re: Cocktails (Grown up)
« Reply #12 on: December 24, 2007, 01:05:10 PM »
This one hasn't got a name, but if you want to think of a funny name for I'm game.

1 shot glass of cinnamon schnapps
1 whiskey tumbler of Coke

It's extra fun if you go with the Goldschlager and have little gold flakes floating around in it. (I know, Goldschalger is tacky... but I like it....)

That's my go to drink when I want something sweet. Otherwise, I'm a gin and club soda kind of girl.


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Re: Cocktails (Grown up)
« Reply #13 on: February 06, 2008, 09:37:15 AM »
French Kiss

2 parts Alize'
1 part vodka (I like Grey Goose)

Serve chilled or on the rocks.
My inner (r-word) is having a field day with this one.
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Re: Cocktails (Grown up)
« Reply #14 on: April 29, 2008, 09:40:23 AM »
Mainland Margaritas

In a pitcher, put:
1 can frozen limeaid

Then, using the empty can as a measuring cup:
1 can tequila blanco (don't use anything too expensive - midquality is fine)
1/2 can lemon juice
1/2 can Contreau
1 mexican beer

Wet edges of glasses with a lime wedge and dip rims in salt or sugar.  Fill with ice and margaritas, or mix equal parts crushed ice and margarita in a blender to serve frozen.  Enjoy!