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This feels off... Hand-me downs and unusual behavior.

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There have been a couple of incidents that have left me feeling a bit weird about one of my colleagues:

When my new desktop was ordered, Kim privately told me that my then-manager (Barb) told Kim to sit with IT when they installed it and to swap out my brand new keyboard with the manager's old one-- so Barb could get the new, unsullied one one.  Fortunately, this never happened.  I sat with IT during the install, and Megacorp requires all computer equipment to be logged to a particular user as a matter of inventory control.

I think this kind of gave Kim the idea that Barb was on to something because:

1.  When I've asked for Post-its or pens or any other kind of thing like that, Kim will give me whatever's on her desk, partially used and go to the supply cupboard later and replenish her stock.  She's the only one with keys, though the cupboard is within my sight-line, so I have seen this with my own eyes on multiple occasions.

2.  I asked for a can of compressed air and two minutes later, I heard Kim use the compressed air at her desk, then she handed me the can she just used and got herself a new one.  I could tell it was used because it was freezing, and the spray straw was in the nozzle, rather than still taped to the side.

All of these things do not belong to me, or Kim for that matter, they really belong to our employer.  So does it matter whether I get new items or not?  Probably not, but it just gets under my skin. 

This is not a big deal, but I'm wondering if this qualifies as rude? Or just weird? 

Is it even weird? 

I've never mentioned it, or thought a confrontation was warranted :-X.  It bugged me, so I found a simple solution: when it comes to post-its/pens/pads of paper, I've taken for asking for full boxes or packets, citing that I go through them so quickly and I hate to bother her all the time.

It's definitely odd, but it seems that you're handling it well.

It would bug me. Not in an "alert the boss" kind of way, but in a "Really?  ::)" kind of way. It would be annoying to constantly have to ask for replenished items because I was always getting things that were already half used.
I like your solution.

It would irritate me, but I think it's best to not say anything about it. I like your solution and I think that's the best you can do.

Did she once have a co-worker who would raid her desk for supplies, thus necessitating her going to the cabinet to restock? I once had a co-worker who did that--took whatever was right on my desk, so I needed to get a whole new one--and have caught myself doing on autopilot the same thing Barb is doing. It's kind of a self-effacing self-defense thing and I know it makes no sense, especially as this co-worker has been gone for five years or so.

But with the pattern set by her trying to maneuver herself into getting your new keyboard, she may just be greedy and want all the new things for herself.


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