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This feels off... Hand-me downs and unusual behavior.

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--- Quote from: amylouky on January 11, 2013, 10:44:58 AM ---I'm a little confused about one thing.. was it Barb that wanted the new keyboard, or Kim? Kim told you that Barb asked her to get the new keyboard for Barb? If so, that's weird of Barb but if she is the office manager, maybe she had a reason. Maybe hers was broken, and she figured since yours still worked fine, she'd take the new one?

Also, is it possible that Kim is just giving you what she has on her desk so she doesn't have to get up right that minute and go to the supply cabinet?

--- End quote ---
But if hers was broken, then op ends up with a broken one.  If hers needs to be replaced, she needs to go through the proper channels.

Op says that 80% of the time Kim gets up to go get the items right away and 20% shortly there after.

I'm wondering if there is a slight "I'm higher ranked so I should get the new stuff" in her brain.  Still not a good mindset but not as malicious.

I don't see how this could be rude, just seems like a good way to help cut back on waist. If she's the only one with a key, it may be because the higher ups like the way she deals with it.

From the first post, it appears to me that Barb was communicating with Kim about whether the OP did or did not deserve the new keyboard. Is it possible that Barb said something like, 'Some people around here just go through office supplies like water, I think they must be taking them home for their own use.'? In that case, is it possible that Kim is trying to protect her coworkers, so that if she's questioned about getting office supplies too frequently, she can reply that she was getting them for herself? Because that's definitely how I'd handle the situation if the upper echelons were being stingy about people having enough supplies to do their work.


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