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"Trendy" expressions you're tired of hearing

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These are a few expressions which (imo) are overused and if I never heard them again, it would be okay (I’m guilty of using a couple of these, but I’m trying to stop.):

Good to go

It’s all good

You go, girl

Typing “lol” at the end of sentences.  Lame way of saying “what I just said is funny, so I'm laughing and you should too”.

Rock star (c’mon, I know a rock star when I see one, and the person you’re talking about is no rock star)


The bottom line

My bad

That’s how I/we roll

Making bad choices

In a better place

WhatEVER (if said in a snarky, dismissive tone)

A.P. Wulfric:
Sorry not sorry
Fiscal cliff
....is not impressed

Totes. TL;DR.

You Only Live Once.   ::)  For the longest time I kept seeing YOLO and wondering what the heck it is, then I heard it and the way it was being used. 

Dark Annie:
Totes amazeballs

On the other hand, I doubt I will ever get sick of adding 'like a sunrise' to every sentence!


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