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"Trendy" expressions you're tired of hearing

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I recall in the excellent series "The Story of English" a discussion of how pronunciation and word usage change in a given population over time. So, the development of "Imma" in place of "I am going to," or even "I'm gonna" is a natural phenomenon. It's one reason why we now have so many different languages.

The problem with a worldwide language such as English, of course, is that at some point, different forms of "English" may develop until they become mutually unintelligible.There are some interesting sociopolitical issues about whether those forms should be considered variants from "standard" English, or treated as different languages.

A couple more that annoy me that I wish would go away.  Making it real or it's getting real.  Also B-itches like or B-itch Please. 

Spotted Pony


--- Quote from: SpottedPony on January 25, 2013, 10:13:40 AM --- Making it real or it's getting real. 

Spotted Pony

--- End quote ---

I know that this has been around for awhile, but I despise the modern use of the word "real" and "fake."  Whenever I hear, "She's so fake!  She only thinks about clothes and boys!" I automatically think, "But boys and clothes aren't made up, are they?"

Not to mention the fact that I keep hearing people use "real" to excuse their rude/bratty/nasty behavior.  I think kindness is just as real.

I'm getting tired of seeing people use "littles" to mean children. I just saw a FB update "takin the littles to the park"

"Rocking" used to mean "wearing".  As in she was rocking (or rockin') a new sweater.


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