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Favorite hand-made gifts?

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There was a threads before Christmas asking what people were making and if people like homemade gifts. I'm wondering what homemade gifts people received that they really like.

My sister in law makes such cool stuff; i was hoping and knew i was getting some. She made beef jerky, chocolate dipped candied orange peels, rosemary lip gloss, brown sugar almond face scrub, and little white chocolate candies.
There is another candy that i think is honeycomb candy? I don't know what it is, but it tastes like honey and melts in your mouth. I love it. I ate most of the jar by myself.

BFF made me a wreath that she sneakily asked what color i would want. It isn't a Christmas wreath, it is just a wreath because i wanted one for my door and in my head buying one for myself wouldn't work. She made me a cool purple and grey wreath that will look so cool on my house. She also supervised her kids (and me) in making some supercool ornaments.



ahh honey comb, its lovely, especially when dipped in chocolate!

I'm in the UK, its one of the things you usually find by the seaside.

My grandmother makes beautiful baby clothes (knitting), she made one of my dresses when I was little, and now my cousin, who is 2 has several cute outfits.

Partially hand-made here :). One year from my aunt I received a sky-blue colored bath towel that she had modified for me. She'd sewn in elastic along one side of it and put velcro closures on the ends and even embroidered my first initial on the side of it. I loved wrapping around myself after getting out of the shower. The following year or two, my aunt asked my mom what I would like for Christmas and she told her how I really enjoyed that towel (I used it until it began to literally fall apart).

She did give me a towel, but no modifications had been done to it, it was just the towel itself. I didn't ask or complain to my aunt as to why, I just let it be. I like towels, anyhoo, so yay! Though there was something different about this melon-colored towel, as it was quite large in size, the biggest I'd ever seen. I didn't know how much until I took it with me to my church's summer ladies' retreat. We stayed at a lake house and after swimming one afternoon, we placed our towels over the railing to air out. I noticed that my big bath towel dwarfed all their multi-colored beach towels. I still have it, keeping it only for swimming.

My niece (age 11) made cute cupcake-shaped pincushions. Other than that, I'm the only one who does homemade gifts. I made gourmet chocolate-dipped pretzel rods.

My mother-in-law's chocolate cake!!!  :D Yummmmmmmmmm


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