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iPad case suggestions? Update

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I got an iPad for Christmas. I need to find a cover/case for it and I'm feeling stuck. It feels so vulnerable without a case. I want something to keep it safe but have read that some cases are really heavy or bulky. I'm hoping to find something that is not too heavy or bulky that will also be more comfortable to hold and position it as I read & type. I'm also wondering about the pros and cons of a built in screen protector.  I'd be very grateful for any suggestions.

We bought the otterbox case for ds's ipad. It was about $90 which is cheaper that replacing the ipad. It will protect the ipad if it is dropped. It comes with a built in screen protector. He is able to carry it and use his apps without any problem.

I have a Kensington keyboard case. I love it. The keyboard holds a charge forever and it covers the screen fully.

I stick on a screen protector for my own peace of mind.

I have a case like this (but a cheap, non-designer version): http://www.selfridges.com/en/Womenswear/Categories/Shop-Accessories/Tech-accessories/Cases-covers/Town-Country-iPad-case_125-74029065-R3225907009/?previewAttribute=Black%2Fblack

But before I bought that I made one of these: http://www.onepearlbutton.com/2010/08/tutorial-one-hour-ipad-sleeve.html

I found the selection and reviews on Amazon to be very helpful in identifying likely options, price points and what would work best for my preferences.  You may want to look at items and reviews there whether or not purchasing through Amazon, just to get ideas.

I first bought aYoobao leather case through Amazon, which I loved, but after just over a year the leather had stretched a bit and it was no longer a good snug fit.  I just bought a Coach iPad case at an outlet for $23 which was great compared to the original MSRP of $128.  Just mentioning, because I have seen a lot of higher end cases at various discount shops.


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