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iPad case suggestions? Update

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Our iPad has been spilled on, dropped, jumped on (!) (by Babybartfast, who is all of 30 pounds, and had never specifically been told not to but really should have known better), used while eating sticky foods (which she also got in trouble for), and once was picked up by the dog.  We don't use a case and I've been really impressed at how sturdy it actually is.  We do have a case for it, but I prefer the feel of just the iPad itself without that extra thickness.  So far the iPad only has one dent in one corner and it had that when we got it (secondhand).

Thanks for sharing your experience. As sleek and beautiful as the iPad is, I expected it to be more fragile. I guess I can (and should) relax a little :)  Plus, with that knowledge, if I come across a different case that I like better, I will feel more comfortable giving it a try.


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