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iPad case suggestions? Update

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Big Lots has some simple ones for under $12 - if there is a Big Lots near you.

I have a case by Speck that I picked up at right after I got the Pad.  It isn't as hefty as the keyboard cases or the Otterbox.  And it slides right into the iPad sleeve in my purse.  I also use a screen protector-though I couldn't tell you which one at this point. 

The Case

The Purse

I have been very pleased with the case, the screen protector and the purse with the padded tablet sleeve as a great combo to keep everything well protected. 

I've had very good results with merchandise from this site:
The only problem I've ever had was fixed promptly and with no trouble (a flash drive that didn't work was replaced immediately. They paid for return shipping, and replaced it within a couple of days.) I've even washed and dried a flash drive, and it still works perfectly.

We just bought 3 cases from Portenzo.com for our iPad and 2 mini's.  I wanted something more substantial because I knew I'd drop mine.  And I have.  Multiple times.  And no issues with the iPad.  They have multiple designs to chose from, and multiple options for each design.

Thank you for all the suggestions. I ended up ordering an otterbox from amazon. It has a built in screen protector, which makes me feel more secure about using it. This screen protector does, however take away some of the sharpness of the display. Right now, that is an acceptable trade off. I've never spilt a drink on any device I've ever used, but for some reason I always worry about it. Other than that, I absolutely love the case. It is light enough and much easier to hold than a "naked" iPad.


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