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Coffees in general.

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The only bottomless drink I've seen at places is table water.

Coffee here you have to specify what kind. I usually order a flat white (decaf, can't handle that much caffeine anymore :() but they usually don't know how to make it. I hate the foam, which is why I order flat white but they sometimes make a latte or a peak less cappuccino. I hate having to dig for my coffee, so sometimes I scoop it all out and leave it on the saucer.

Now I normally have tea. Black and earl grey like Picard. The Starbucks near my work knows I like the extra lid to put the bag in. And I got myself a Themis with a gift card. Keeps tea hot for hours!

Most diners and restaurants will refill your coffee as many times as you like.  Some will give free refills on soda, but that usually is a surprise when it happens.

As for "regular", "light", etc., that is relative.  The Dunkin Donuts in my area doesn't have the same idea about these terms as most other places so I have to ask for "very dark" to get what most other places call "regular."

I've traveled a bit around the midwest USA, and everywhere I go a "regular" coffee is plain drip coffee, black. Usually I order coffee black and add my own creamer/milk and sweetener to it, because I've yet to find a place outside of expensive coffee shops that will sweeten it enough for my own tastes. People at fast food places tend to balk when I order a small coffee with two creamers and six sugars, they think I want some sort of other mixed coffee. Nope, just a sweet milky coffee, that's all.

I live in Seattle (where there is a Starbucks on almost every corner, at least downtown) and a regular coffee here is black.  (Of course there may be more than one variety of drip coffee--usually the choice is between a "medium roast" and a "dark roast.")  The baristas will ask if you want room for cream, or if you want sweetener.


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