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Coffees in general.

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This was a topic of discussion at a Thanksgiving dinner in Florida, with several folks originally from Rhode Island.  One former Rhode Islander was describing his initial consternation at ordering a "regular" coffee in Florida and the confusing (to him) conversation that ensued.

He was used to ordering a "regular coffee" and getting a coffee with cream and sugar.  When the coffee counter person in Florida gave him a black coffee without sugar, he thought he had someone else's order.

Him "oh, I ordered a regular coffee."
Counter:  "right, this is yours."
Him:  "um, it's black"
Counter:  "right"
Him: "I wanted a regular."
Counter:  "right"
Him:  "could I have cream and sugar?"
Counter:  "sure, here you go"

I think both parties left the conversation confused, based on what "regular coffee" meant to them.

In my corner of the Midwest, a regular coffee is brewed coffee, black and unsweetened.

In France, a regular coffee is an espresso (and to set everybody's teeth on edge: it's called "expresso" over there.) I don't think I have ever seen brewed coffee in a café or restaurant.

I know I've mentioned before that here in NH a "large regular" at Dunkin' Donuts is a large coffee with 4 pumps of cream and 4 spoons of sugar.  Mr_Deb was VERY confused in Maryland when he asked for a large regular and got a black coffee. 

I've only been to Starbucks once, with my sister, and she ordered my coffee for me so I'm not really familiar with the vente/tall/half-caf/skinny/no foam stuff people always joke about.

We visited Australia recently and were befuddled by the menu board at the coffee stand in the Sydney airport.  Short Black - Flat White - Americano - Ristretto?  I had no idea, it was 6am and we'd just flown for 20 hours...I just wanted a coffee with cream!  The barista took pity on me and suggested a flat white; it was awesome, and we confidently asked for flat whites the entire visit. 

I am Australian.

You dont really see drip coffee much in resturants here (at least where I am). McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts and a few places along those lines have drip machines.

We dont have Starbucks in my state at all. We do have Gloria Jeans which is kind of similar I think.

A normal coffee that I make at home is instant granuals and I take it with sugar and milk. Aussies dont tend to use creamer. I do have a coffee press which I use sometimes on the weekend.

Every morning on the way into work I stop at a cafe and get a large Cappuchino with skim milk. This is ordered as a Large Skinny Cap, with 2 sugars.

Most of the time if you buy a coffee at a coffee shop, resturant, or cafe it will be an espresso and you would order a Cappuchino, flat white, short black etc.


--- Quote from: marcel on January 06, 2013, 10:47:53 AM ---regular coffee is drip coffee in The Netherlands.

regular says nothing about milk or sugar

--- End quote ---

Same goes for Denmark.

However, if you don't specify, it is assumed you want it black.


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