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Horrid Customer Service, How would you handle? Amazon


I officially hate  Kindle support.  I bought my KindleHD on December 19th, and had it overnighted I spent 2 hours on chat with Kindle support on the 20, and 4 hours on the 23. Half way through the session on the 23, it came to light that the person doing the trouble shooting had no idea what he was doing ( he was trouble shooting my original kindle and told me that since I bought it a year ago, they would do nothing for me - despite my having bought the 2 year extended warranty) I asked repeated for a supervisor, he refused, I asked 4 more times for a supervisor before he agreed to give me one.  Supervisor was appraised of the situation - took me through the same steps the first guy did and concluded that I had to reset to factory defaults anytime I wanted to connect to the web and told me to return it. They would refund my money but not replace it. If I want a kindle HD I have to wait for the return to process and reorder it.

Someone recently just sung the praises of customer support and has a new Kindle in the mail as we speak.  You should probably talk to her customer service guy.   :P  I hope you get this situation resolved.

I would wait until the issue is resolved and then post a review on amazon. Goodd luck.

Argh! Frustrating, isn't it?

I had a problem with them back in September, and despite repeated customer service calls, I got no where. So, I looked up the CEOs email address on their site, and emailed him directly (it was a very tiny problem compaired to yours), and I got a lovely response from a gentleman in the Executive Customer service department. I was shocked that anyone read my email, much less someone in the CEOs office. My problem was resolved within a couple of days. :)

This might work for you also. :)


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