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Getting rid of wait staff who overstay their welcome.

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I don't like it either. I can take friendly; I can take a bit of small talk, but keep it to a brief one-liner ("Sure is wet outside!") and move on. Or I've had servers compliment me on a necklace I'm wearing and stay for a sentence or two, but I don't like it when they camp out for a whole conversation.

Even more awkward when the place is empty but for the proprieter. I was once travelling alone in a town I'd never been to, and after a day of walking I wanted to sit in a cafe with a cup of coffee and a snack and rest, preferably with my nose in a newspaper. It was very obvious I was a tourist (my accent), and I was the only person in the place at that time, save for the owner. The owner wanted to talk and talk, ask where I was from, what I was doing in my travels, etc etc etc and it seemed rude to ask him not to talk to me. But I really had just wanted some rest and quiet with a refreshment before going on my merry way.


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