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This happened some years ago, but the most recent Freecycle thread reminded me so I will ask you:

Every year, we would go to the tree at church and pick one or two of the angels on there which were tags from kids in need with their Christmas wishes written on there.  One year my mom picked a tag with a kid who asked for a high priced gaming console (think Playstation 3 or XBOX), and coats for his family.  My mom then proceeded to complain the whole ride home about how dare the kid ask for something so expensive esp since this was charity and he should only be asking for things he needs.

My take on it is, it's Christmas, and at Christmas we are asked to dream big so if he wants to ask for an XBOX, let him ask.  If you can't afford his request, you either skip that tag or see if there's a compromise that can be worked out ie not a new gaming system but used.  I'm sure he probably would have been happy to not be living in a shelter and to not worry about where his next meals come from or heat for his family but when you write to Santa, you're supposed to ask for what you want.  What say you eHellions?  Was the less fortunate kid a SS for asking for an expensive gaming system at Christmas or not?

peach2play, I think a similar topic was addressed where the OP (weeblewobble?) picked a kid with one very expensive request.  For my part, I think if they ask, they are taking on the risk of getting nothing.  Don't necessarily think it is SS unless the child was told not to request gifts valued above a certain amount.

You may want to look at the following thread.

Ahhh didn't see that thread.  Thanks!

You're welcome!   :D


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