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S/O of Giving your Old One: If you won the lottery....

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...what would you do with all that money and how would you protect it?

If I got less than $10MM I'd probably not change my life that much.  I might buy a condo if the price was right, but no cars or other major stuff beyond upgrading my season tickets at the opera and taking a good vacation every year.

If it were more than that I'd get a large condo, give some $$$ to a few deserving friends, get four more cats, and give some money to my causes, which would get everything I have in my will.

Since I already have Caller ID I don't answer the phone if I don't know the number and all junk mail begging for money goes into the circular file.  I have no greedy relatives that I know of and the ones I haven't seen for years and years would get nothing.  I am not easy to guilt-trip.

Smallish amount: I'd go to college.

Medium amount: college plus moving out of here and buying a condo somewhere in California.

Huge amount: still buy a condo in California, make generous donations to my loved ones, put the rest in a trust fund.  I have no taste for luxury, big cars, diamonds and huge villas in Bel-Air.  I might do a fair amount of traveling, however.  In first class.

Smallish amount - pay off my debt and buy a new car.  If there was enough left over, maybe buy a condo or townhouse.

large amount - I know this is selfish, but I'd take care of ME first. I'd get all my ducks in a row, figure out how much I wanted/needed to live on annually, and invest enough to get me to that point. I'd also pay off my mom's house, and do whatever else for her.  I've seen too many stories of people who either blow all they have, or are scammed out of it, or simply give it away, and then have nothing left to show for it.  My first move would be to call my mom's financial advisor, who we both trust, and find a good attorney. once all that was done, THEN I'd come forward to c laim my winnings, and do what I said above.

I'd then help friends and family, and give a lot of it away.

We live pretty simple lives, so we won't need much to be able to 'retire'. I'd probably become a scholar of Ancient Rome.  We have a daughter, so we would stay planted in the area.  But, we'd probably go explore someplace else for a month or two at a time about once a year.   We'd stay in the same house, and would definitely be the "Millionaire Next Door" because we wouldn't look rich.

I'd pay off my debt, save the rest, and continue working.

Nobody else gets a dingdangity penny until I'm taken care of first.  Full stop.


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