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When you don't believe a tale.

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We are getting a new roof!  Yay!

We are using a well known to the area roofer.  My area had a rash of hail storms and there are many many many roofers out actually working.  I would say the work is being equally shared from what I can see just driving around.  So many new roofs going on.

So we are using the same roofer my neighbor used quite a few months ago.  She is very happy with the work and he gave us the best quote.  Today they put the sign in the yard and parked their equipment trailers in our driveway.  Work starts tomorrow.

My neighbor just came over to give me a heads up.  She said that when they were doing her roof, they harassed the young woman across the street when she came out to check her mail.  From what she told me it was very vulgar.  The woman's husband told her not to tell the owner of the roofing company, "he just will not use them."

Now, my neighbor is very busybody and does blow things up.  I also know that the woman across the streets husband is very protective of his wife.  Many things he says and does, I find insane.

I planned on not being home during the next few days while they are working.  Do I have a obligation to hang out and listen?  I would hate for something like that to be happening.  However I find it VERY hard to believe that it happened the way it was explained to me or even that it happened at all.

Oh, my neighbor was not home when they did hers either.  So she heard second hand.

If it were me, I'd speak to the guy in charge and just tell him you heard a rumor, no way to prove it or disprove it, but you heard it, and you want to make sure nothing like that happens while they're working for you.  Just a heads up.

I wouldn't get involved at all with a third-hand story even if I completely believed the sources, let alone if I didn't. Best to stay out of it unless you have some first-hand experience.

I would just stay out of it if I were you.  Without first hand evidence, it's more likely than not that you'd just stir up unnecessary, unwarrented, trouble by acting on what you've heard from the secondhand, possibly unreliable, source.  Besides, even if the employees of the roofing company you hire do say something crude to someone else, that isn't your fault, and the person actually spoken to is likely more than capable of taking whatever actions, if any, he or she feels that are necessary regarding calling police, complaining to the management of the company, etc.

Of course, if you hear something first hand, or if something is directed at you, that would be a different story and you would want to act in whatever way you found appropriate.  But based on the "information" you have now, I honestly think there is no good you could do by acting on it, and if anything, only possible harm. 

ETA: Congrats on the new roof!  :D

No, you don't have any obligation to hang around. Also, if you don't believe the story and it's all hearsay from not entirely credible sources, why would you say anything to the roofers?

Do you ever have the chance to talk to the neighbor without her husband around? You can ask her directly if she had any issues with the workers. If not, just let the roofers do their work.


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