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About 2-3 months ago, I opened a post office box for my new business. As a brand new business, 99% of my mail is junk or bills, or for the previous owner/user of this address. As much as I might not like them, I do need to receive the bills. And my junk mail goes directly in the post office's recycle bin. But I'm getting a little tired of having to black out the bar code and write "Return to Sender; Addressee Unknown" on the plethora of misdirected mail I am receiving. It isn't particularly time consuming, but quite frankly I'm finding there aren't enough hours in the day to handle my own business, let alone waste precious seconds attending to someone else's.

I finally tracked down what I believe to be the home address of the company's president, and have drafted a letter, which is below. Am I okay to send it, or is there some other way I should be handling this?

LETTER (with identifying information redacted):

Dear Mr. You Forgot a Step:

I am the current holder of Post Office Box 12345, Anytown, USA. Since receiving assignment of this box, I have received some quantity of mail addressed to Company That Is Not Mine, most of it directed to your attention as President of the company. All such mail has been marked “Return to Sender, Addressee Unknown,” and deposited into the nearest mail receptacle. As the months have gone by, I have begun to find this expenditure of time tedious. I would greatly appreciate it if you would cause to have a proper Change of Address filed with the USPS.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.



Sending that to his HOME address is really creepy.  I would start by talking to the Post Office and asking them if they can stop putting letters for X company in your box. 


--- Quote from: wolfie on January 08, 2013, 03:53:28 PM --- I would start by talking to the Post Office and asking them if they can stop putting letters for X company in your box.

--- End quote ---

This is a good idea and I should get around to it myself. I live in a nice rental in a business zone and I get mail for 5 different other persons. It's tiring and after doing the black marker 'return to sender' thing for a year I just dump a few months worth of the whole lot at the PO.

Since the postal carrier continuesto put all those names in my box even after I kept putting messages on the misdirected mail, I never send anything out of my mailbox and just go to the PO to send things.

I wouldn't bother sending that letter. They may very well be trying to avoid disgruntled clients or creditors and won't do anything about it anyway.

Can you not look up the business itself for their current address?

Otherwise, if it were me, I am sorry.  That mail would be trashed.  If it was that important to said business, they would have filled out a change of address form.

I think that it is fine to send a letter... but I would send it as a registered letter (so they have to sign for it and you know that they got it) and I would also include in the letter a deadline for them getting their address updated as well as what you will do with any further misdirected mail after said deadline.  You might also want to check with a lawyer before sending it, to make sure that it has that extra legal weight behind it.

Honestly, at this point (this has been going on for months?) I would just trash all mail for Company X that ended up in my box without a second thought.  You are more patient than I am!


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