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Chuck roast, crock pot & mexican style

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I've done chuck roast in the crock pot for Italian beef's before, where I cover the beef with water/broth & spices and the meat turns out tender, juicy and fork-shredable. It's usually about 8 hours on high.

I'd like to do a chuck roast mexican style (for burritos or tacos) but I don't think I'd need as much water, or is any liquid needed? 

Anyone have a great recipe to share for a chuck roast in the crock pot mexican style?

Thanks in advance! ;D

Yes you still need liquid.  I have never tried, but I bet a bit of beef or chicken stock and a jar of salsa or a few cans of rotel would be tasty. 

I use a about 1 cup of water and 1/4 cup of Old El Paso Taco seasoning mix in the shaker can for each 2 lbs of roast. That stuff has chili powder and salt as the first 2 ingredients, so I think 1/2 of what the recipe on the can calls for is good.

I shred it while it is still cooking and let it sit for a bit. Drain but keep the broth to use to moisten.

Oh! My! I'm off to the store.................

Harriet Jones:
I've made this before, so yummy:
It's similar to the barbacoa from Chipotle

That looks utterly amazing.
How long do you freeze it?


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