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I have recently had to deal with two people who name drop often.  One is a person that I have limited contact with while the other is someone that I have to deal with a fairly regular basis.  My attempts at bean-dipping and even ignoring has not stopped it.  What's even worse, I live in a a place with a fair amount of celebrities (mostly music) and many people in this area work in the music industry and are connected. 

The one that I have to deal with is particularly bad about doing this every time we have a conversation.  Here's a recent example that is almost verbatim exchange minus a few changes.

Her:  "Are you still participating in Big Athletic Event?  When is it?"
Me: "Yes, I have been training for it.  It's happening the first week of March."
Her: "Oh, have you ever heard of Minor Celebrity?"
Me: "Yeah, I've heard of his."
Her: "Well, I am Facebook friends with his wife because we used to work together, and she's participating in it also."
Me: "That's nice."
Her: "Yeah, we go way back.  I knew them before he became famous."
Me: "Oh, okay. Look at the time, I better go find a seat."

She obviously didn't care about my participation in the event, she just wanted me to know that she knew this person.  Most people would have said, " A friend of mine is also partipating."

I am beandipping and being attempting to be polite while being disinterested, but that hasn't seemed to stop it.  I am to the point where I just want to roll my eyes and make a sarcastic response, but I know that is a rude and wrong approach.  Any suggestions on how to deal with this?  I have thought about humor, "Oh, that's nice.  You wouldn't happen to be Facebook friends with Johnny Depp, would you?" but I am not sure if that would be rude. 

Probably the best thing you can do is act as if you don't care.  They're looking for affirmation or to see that you're impressed.

Outdoor Girl:

--- Quote from: yokozbornak on January 08, 2013, 07:06:41 PM ---Her: "Oh, have you ever heard of Minor Celebrity?"

--- End quote ---

You:  "Why?"

I'm just thinking that if you turn it around in a 'Why do you want to know?' style, it might make her not continue on.  She might still carry on but it's worth a shot.

I like the "Why?"  idea!  That might throw her for a loop.   I feel like I have been acting disinterested and unimpressed, and that hasn't seemed to really work.

Answering "No" to "Have you heard of X" ruins their fun too.


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