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for scientists

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Dr. F.:
or those interested in how science REALLY works!

You need to check out https://twitter.com/search/realtime?q=%23overlyhonestmethods&src=hash

I haven't stopped giggling yet.

Oh, my!  I was giggling so much my son asked me if I was okay and my dog gave me a funny look.

Huh? I am really missing something.

Where does it start?

I am a scientist/mathematician and not a Tweeter..................

Oh, my goodness! That's hilarious! ;D ;D ;D

Luci45, you might find this more readable than straight tweets. http://io9.com/5974256/overlyhonestmethods-is-the-postsecret-of-the-science-world-and-it-is-amazing

I forgot tweets are often full of such bad words so couldn't finish it even if I could understand the punctuation.

Note to self: don't look at tweets!

Thanks anyway!


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