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I didn't actually say "I'm afraid that won't be possible", but it boiled down to the same thing.

A family member dropped by for a surprise visit, and I had been cleaning up a bit.  Things that aren't normally lying around were out in plain view, one of which being a small tin of four drink coasters with cartoon characters on them. 

This family member had his kids with him, one almost three and one a baby, and the toddler was playing with the coasters.  I was fine with that; it kept her entertained, and there isn't much she could do to hurt those.  When it was time for them to go, I told the toddler that it was "time to clean up", and she happily complied, putting the coasters back in the tin, one-by-one.  Her father then said, "These are a little cartoony for you, aren't they?  Why don't you let my kids have them?"  He was serious.

I told him, "Because they're a collector's item, and I still use them."  By this time the toddler was messing around with something else, and hadn't been paying attention to the conversation, so she wasn't upset by this.  He let the matter drop, but he seemed annoyed.  I was rather annoyed that he would ask for them, but nothing else came of it.  My mom, who had been present the whole time but said nothing, thought I handled it well.

Wow - I can't believe he said that!  Good for you for keeping your cool.

Erich L-ster:
Wow I would be tempted to come back with "Why don't you just buy some" but I supposed that isn't the most tactful way to handle it.

I would be annoyed at him too.

He'd have to go to ebay.  8)  I bought these eight or ten years ago.  I'm not super stingy, and I don't care if kids play with my stuff as long as they're careful, but the stuff I've collected has sentimental value (part of my childhood, don'tcha know) and stays with me. 

Him: "These are a little cartoony for you, aren't they?  Why don't you let my kids have them?"  He was serious.

You: "Did you really just ask me to GIVE you something I own? Does that work for you a lot? Because I would not dream of doing it, and the only reason I figure you are doing it is that it has paid off for you in the past."

(I cannot STAND the "it never hurts to ask" theory. It is stupid and juvenile and, like all generalizations, is untrue on its face.)


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