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Not Your Coasters

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I would have blurted out, "Excuse me?" in disbelief.

How weird.

I used to have a neighbor whose maiden name had been that of one of the major cartoon companies (using a real name but not the exact same one). - we'll call her Jean KingStudios-Smythe.  Her parents had collected vintage KingStudios memorabilia since she could remember.

Her kitchen had cartoon coffee cups, plaques & posters on the wall, floor mats, and dishes - her daughter's bedroom & bathroom were the same (different characters to reflect daughter's favorites) - cartoon character posters, bed spread, towels, and even house slippers.  Living room had a lamp, a throw to go over the feet on chilly days, and a couple of framed & matted cels from the original cartoons. 

Her Christmas tree had to be seen to be believed....

If her husband's brother had tried that line on her, she'd have roared with laughter because these were "family heirlooms" (I have no idea if the founder of the company was an uncle, great uncle, second cousin twice removed, or a coincidence that the names were the same....but the stuff was HERS and she loved it).

Well, he certainly has nerve, doesn't he?  You did great!

You handled it great and I think it is very SS to ask for somebody else's stuff.  He wouldn't be invited back.  His 3 year old had better manners.

I don't understand this mindset of people who always need to "have, have, have".
Can't they just say: "Hey, cool, person X has item Y. They even let me look at it/ let my kids play with it / etc. That's pretty neat for them that they have that."
Why do they have to have everything for themselves.  :-\

And if they have to have it, well work for it and search for it and buy it. Don't just expect everyone else to hand out their property to you. What the heck?  :o


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