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I think I screwed up - ideas on how to fix. Update #8, 17

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I empathize - I had arrangements to meet my sister yesterday for dinner - she had lunch plans with a friend close to my area of Houston (sprawling big conglomeration of towns & cities in Southeast Texas that can take more than an hour to drive from one edge to the other on the Interstate Highways that go through). 

She ended up going to her friend's house to say "hi" to the rest of the family and our dinner plans fell through.  She had her cell phone turned off during the visit (very polite of her - even if it did make it hard for ME to contact her) and I apparently called her house last night when she was out, this morning after she left, and her cell phone while it was off. 

We're going to try again next weekend....but it usually doesn't take us eight calls in twenty hours to "connect"!

I was starting to wonder why she wasn't taking my call as it was after when I was expecting to hear the doorbell!

Coming late to the party, but I just wanted to agree that I thought your first message was perfectly fine.  I don't see anything wrong with it at all. Especially for a friend, that seems like a totally normal thing to say.  I'm sure I have said something similar to many of my friends.  In fact, I know I have with one of my friends who is also a coworker. "We should get together for drinks soon.  In fact, I think I am free tomorrow night. Unless of course something come us with [big project]. Can we make tentative plans and keep our fingers crossed?"  I wouldn't even think twice about saying that. Nor does it even occur to me to be offended when she does the same.  (which she does a lot because she is a workaholic. ;) )

I'm glad that you were just freaking out for no reason.  If she really was upset, I would be questioning that friendship.


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