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I think I screwed up - ideas on how to fix. Update #8, 17

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I think what you said was perfectly fine! You are giving her the choice of a "possible date" this week or a definite date next month.

I think you were fine. You essentially made tentative plans, based on your work schedule, and gave her another option if that doens't work out. I have friends I do this with; I have a second job, with no set schedule, so sometimes someone will ask me if i want to get together, and I'll say yes, however, I don't have my schedule yet. Let's make tentative plans for x day at y time, and i'll let you know for sure as soon as the next schedule is out.

Sometimes we can do it then, others times I have to work, and need to re-schedule.

I think you were fine too!  Nothing rude in saying, "I'd love to see you but I might have to cancel due to work."  If a friend can't understand that...I don't know what else to say. 

Small update: I decided to send a message via text to her, just in case she simply missed my FB message. This time I just said something along the lines of - works really hectic, probably best to wait until Feb. That was 2 nights ago, and still no word from her. I think I may have been given the cut direct. Hugs please?

Cut Direct?

Helen must be pretty volatile if your mind leaped to that conclusion. I'd suggest a phone call to ascertain that everything is ok.

Sending you hugs, though!


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