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Is this mean? Or do I just not know enough. I feel bad for him

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I just talked to my brother because I talk to him every week when I can and he told m something that really bothered me but maybe I just dont have the right experience because I work somewhere else than he does. He helped lay off someone recently who just had a kid and has a family but he was messing up a lot anyways, he's in computers and he tried to log in to another account today and got caught using his old email. My brother wants to have it effect the stuff he gave them when they let him go because I guess he was supposed to not cause any trouble? But he didnt he was just sending e-mails from his old account asking for references. I think he has a family and he didnt do anything horrible so why cause any problems. I'm not a computer worker though so maybe I'm wrong? I don't like to think my brother is mean but I think he is here? I didn't say a lot., LilacRosey

You know, that's really hard to say. You and me weren't there and don't know all the details of the situation. I think it depends upon the company's security, non-disclosure, non-compete and HR policies, if they have any, and I assume they do. A lot of times severance packages can be revoked if the former employee violates any of the terms, and though it sounds innocuous, the behavior of sending emails from his former work account could qualify. I don't know your brother, and I understand it sounds like he's kicking someone when he's down, but it may not be in your brother's control, either. He has to follow the company's rules or HE could be in trouble, too. I hope he just used the email for the purpose you said, and I hope the company decides to let it go in that case....but I can see the sense in not doing that, either. It sounds like the former employee should count himself fortunate if he's not subject to worse sanctions than just losing part or all of his severance package. I'm sorry.  :'(

There's no "mean" in policy, it just is what it is.  The guy having a kid is irrelevant - anyone can have things going on: massive student loans, sick family member, house fire, immune disease, any sort of valid reason to want to cut someone some slack.  And so no one gets any more slack then anyone else and policy is just policy.  If the policy is he must cease and desist with the work email, and he didn't, he violated policy and there very well might be repercussions. 

If someone had to be laid off, someone had to be laid off. Given a choice of

A. Worker who is messing up a lot
B. Worker who does an adequate job
C. Worker who does a great job

I would lay off Worker A without even considering their personal life.

I think that the email could be a big deal. There's likely to be a lot of client/account/business info that Laid Off Guy has no business accessing. And, he could potentially do a lot of harm to the company. He could misuse company information, steal client lists, etc. Also, any messages coming from that address are a representation of the company. If he were feeling vengeful and immature, he could stir up a lot of trouble sending mean, insulting emails from the company address.

--- Quote from: LilacRosey on January 09, 2013, 11:13:51 PM ---he was supposed to not cause any trouble?
I think he has a family and he didnt do anything horrible so why cause any problems. I'm not a computer worker though so maybe I'm wrong? I don't like to think my brother is mean but I think he is here?

--- End quote ---
Laid Off Guy knew he wasn't supposed to 'cause trouble.' If it can affect the terms of his severance, you can bet your bottom dollar that he was made aware of it at the time. Laid Off Guy made choices and now has to live with the consequences. Brother is in the position of enforcing those consequences; that doesn't make him mean.

I agree with PPs - this isn't about "mean" or "nice". there are company policies in place, usually for good reason. if your brother's former co worker can still log on to his email, he might (and I'm not saying he will) cause damage to the company by logging in where he shouldn't.

There is no logical reason for someone to continue to use their work email when they are no longer working there. in fact, that is exactly what they tell us to *not* do - you are not supposed to use a work email when you send out work-search related emails - you get a free email account from gmail or similar.

Is your brother in IT? is it his job to cancel this person' email account?


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