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Chocolate Wasted Cake - who's had it?

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Hi guys,

My chocolate-loving brother's birthday is coming up and I was thinking of making him a Chocolate Wasted cake. I found a few recipes online, but I also found a few negative reviews.

So I'd love to hear from Ehellions who've made or eaten this cake. Did you enjoy it? Which recipe did you follow and how did it turn out?

I will probably be making it gluten free if that makes a difference.


I havent tried it but here is the link to the blog with recipe I plan to follow if I ever do tri it.

I did it for the office at Halloween.  Since there was going to be so much candy on it, I used a box mix in a 9 x 13 pan, making a wretched face out of Twizler mouth and eyebrows, Lindt white chocolate truffle eyeballs, a Milky Way nose, and Bubblicious gum tape tongue. 

The candy coating was chocolate chips (with some leftover white chocolate chips), mini Reeses cups, M&Ms, broken-up Hershey bar with almonds, mini non-pareils, and some chocolate-covered almonds.  Do use the chocolate ganache for the frosting; aside from being melt-in-your-mouth good, it is sturdy enough to hold the candy.  Also, when you choose candy, think about how they will go together.  I almost got Junior Mints, then realized that mint might not go too well with peanut butter and almonds.

I made it for my sister's birthday. I made 3 layers of round cake and put homemade caramel between them, then frosted and topped as directed. I used Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips, Milky Way bars, caramel, chocolate...I don't even remember what all went into it!

I used this recipe:

I have had it when someone alse has made it and I have to say that there is just too much stuff involved for me to enjoy it. The first bite was overwhelmingly CHOCOLATE, the second bite screamed SUGAR, and by the third bite I was done.


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