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Why are some people just nasty?

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I do substitute work in my field. I am usually at some (work) place I have never been before. Sometimes there is another person that works there that helps me, sometimes not.  I'm always really glad when there is another person because they can get you through the "this is how we usually do a, b, c " really quickly without a lot of trial, error, and phone calls on my part.

Today was a day where there was another person.  Whee!!!!  OR...not so much....

 I walked in, held out my hand and said, "Hi, Mrs. Jones!  I'm Jo Smith, I'm fiiling in for your regular person today." (I read the name plate on her desk) She shook my hand, said, "It's MS. Jones." then she got this really annoyed/peeved off look on her face, pursed her lips, and said, "Do you know what you're doing?" in a really condescending tone.  I felt fortunate that my jaw only hit the floor for a minute and then I smiled really nicely and said, "Well, I like to think so!".

I realized this could be a really long day if I didn't get on this lady's good side so I asked her if she was related to the Jones' in my area - she is - and my DD is really good friends with her niece.  Suddenly, we were best friends and she was telling me how awful the regular staff member is that I'm filling in for...."But YOU're OK!". :o

Why do people have to be like that?  I don't get it.  There isn't anyone to report her to or anything like that, I just don't understand such a sudden change in attitude and why she had to be so rude to begin with before even giving me a chance, you know?

Well, I can tell you I won't go back there to work again. I don't need that.

I have never understood why people treat others badly. My mother has worked for a temp agency for a few years and has had more good experiences than bad.


OP, I think you handled her well.  She was rude at first, and while she doesn’t sound like someone I’d want to work with  on a regular basis, I don’t see where she did anything which merited being ‘reported’.

Tip:  (Regarding the title of your thread), my life became easier when I stopped trying to figure out “why” some people are nasty and others are nice.  Who knows?  Bad mood, personal problems, not feeling well, or even a sinister personality who gets pleasure from ruining someone else’s day.  This was a random incident; do something nice for yourself and forget it.

I like to believe it's an idle hands thing. They obviously do not have enough to worry about, so they find stuff to give themselves ulcers over.

Yeah - I don't know why it's bothering me so much.  I think partly because I dont' care for this job in general to begin with, then to have bad experiences when I get to the workplace (every place I've been practically) just annoys me that much more!  lol

I'm going to just leave it now and go watch the new Modern Family!!  ;D


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