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Why are some people just nasty?

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I've been thinking about everyone's comments and have realized that none of your comments are about ME - they are about HER - which makes me realize I have a boundary issue I need to shore up a bit! 

I was trying to figure out why I was letting her bother me so much and it's because somehow I internalized her behavior/attitude as being about *me*, when in reality she had never laid eyes on me before, so that isn't possible....In retrospect, when I am in a situation where there is a problem or discord between people, I somehow automatically assume it's my fault. In reality, that isn't usually the case. (thankfully!)

huh.  You learn something new about yourself every day!   ;)

Thank you for your input, friends! 8)

A lot of the chronically nasty people I've encountered in life seem to suffer from low self-esteem.  The only way they can feel good about themselves is to demean others.  Sad.  And unfortunately it seems that this behavior helps them to advance through their organization - thus they are rewarded for it.

A lot of people do get touchy about things for personal reasons. For example, perhaps she is unhappy about not being married, thus being called "Mrs" when she isn't a Mrs upsets her. Or she has a feminist objection to the term Mrs. I believe this forum has had various discussions about the Mrs/Miss/Ms issue recently. Of course it's not an excuse to be rude, but it is an issue some people care deeply about.


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