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How many earrings should I wear to a job interview?

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I have two holes in each earlobe, so I have the capability of wearing 4 earrings at once.   How many should I wear to my job interview on Monday?

I already know not to wear anything too flashy or dangly. 
The earrings I am planning to wear in my first holes are copper hoops about the size of a quarter.
If I did wear anything in my second holes, it would be a simple stud that matched my outfit. 

If it helps, I live in Amish country and the people around here tend to be conservative, church-going, law-abiding citizens.

I'd stick to two if you're unsure. You can always go up to four later, if your job's culture is OK with it.

I wouldn't go more than two.  To be on the safe side, one.  It would depend on the job culture and location. 

Outdoor Girl:
If the area is very conservative, quarter sized hoops sound a little big to me, even though they are plain.  If you have smaller hoops you could wear, I think that would be better.  Dime sized would be best, if you have them.

If you do have smaller hoops, I think plain studs in the second holes would be fine but if you only have the larger hoops, I wouldn't wear the studs.

One earring in each ear.  Then, if you get the job, you can suss out the culture and go from there.


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